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Roof decking can be damaged in a number of ways. Roof leaks are the most common causes and these areas may need to be cut out and replaced. If you suspect that your roof decking is damaged, remember that this can be a dangerous situation that should only be left to professionals. Our staff is highly trained to walk roofs that have suspected damage so that you don't have to risk serious injury from a fall.

Roof Leak Damaged Decking:

When your roof is leaking, the paths of least resistance are the nail and fastener locations that hold shingles and other roofing materials in place. This allows water to flow directly into and past the wood decking and degrade it from the inside. If you catch the situation quickly enough, the damage can be mitigated and an area of rotten decking can be removed and replaced. Weakened roof decking will also allow the fasteners to loosen and back out of the shingles, causing more damage as they pass through. This will increase the size of the leak and increase the damage to come.

Decking Replacement:

If your current roof is wood shakes, tiles or certain other types and you are considering installing a traditional shingle roof, your home may need a wood deck installed so that the shingle roof can be installed over it. (My Company Name) has replaced hundreds of roof decks and we will cut and install the new deck to perfectly fit your roof structure. We will also devise a plan to add proper ventilation for your attic so that your new roof functions as beautifully as it looks.

Rotten Decking is Dangerous:

If your shingle roof has been leaking for some time or has had a leak in the same area more than once, it is likely that there is degradation of the decking materials underneath. This is a dangerous situation because the rotten decking is rarely apparent from atop the shingle roof. Walking or kneeling on a weak area can easily result in you crashing through your roof and into your attic or beyond. We recommend that you leave this to the professionals and call us today.


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