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Soffit Repair

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When you find that your soffits (overhangs) need repair, call us first and find out why our customers are the happiest. Our highly trained installers will assess your needs and devise a plan to repair or rebuild the damaged sections and tie them into undamaged areas.

Roof Leak Damage to Soffits:

Leaking roofs are a natural enemy to the health of your soffits. As water gets under your shingle roof system, it will run down to the lowest points and collect inside soffits. This creates the opportunity for the wood soffit to rot from the inside out. Gutters, paint and siding will often mask the damage until it is so bad that replacement is needed.

Soffit Damage From Gutters:

Gutters and are backed up or unable to drain properly can hold rainwater in place and build up and work its way back under shingles and into your soffit. Once again this situation is difficult to detect until the water has already penetrated and started damaging your soffits from the inside.

If you suspect that your soffits sustained damage for any reason, call us quickly so that we can go to work resolving the issue quickly.


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