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Metal Roof Repair

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Metal Roof Leaking?

If your metal roof is leaking, call us immediately to repair any damage before it becomes a larger issue. Any leaks that are unattended to will create more problems for you, including damaged insulation, rust and weakened panels, not to mention the damage to the contents of the building.

Exposed Fastener Leaks:

Metal roof systems that utilize exposed fasteners can be susceptible to leaks at the point where the fasteners penetrate the roof. After years of service, the seals degrade with the expansion and contraction of the roof and water may then get past the fastener. We utilize special techniques to remedy these scenarios, so call us today and let us solve your roof's problems.

Replacement Panels:

In case we find that an entire panel has failed, replacing it is entirely possible as long as you have the experience to do so. This can save a fortune by not needing to replace the entire roof where only individual panels are necessary.

Roof Coating for Metal Roofs:

In addition to repairing individual leaks, consider coating the entire metal roof for even more longevity. This cost-effective procedure extends the life of your metal roof while possibly reducing your heating and cooling costs by reflecting the sun's rays back away from your building.


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